The “What If?” Art Group is a small group within the Creative Quilters Guild of Ellis County. Our group began in 2017 with just the thought of trying new products, unusual techniques, and pushing the limit. Our famous line is:  you don’t have to be artistic, you just need imagination!  The rules are: no rules!  A newly added frequent saying: “I can’t find it; I know I put it in a safe place!” (Whatever “it” might be.)

We meet five times a year, have show and tell, and figure out what our next project will be. One of the wildest and most fun was our Fun Faces quilts—inspired by the artist Freddy Moran. We have tried Stitch Meditation 5” minis; Angelina fibers; Derwent Inktense pencils; unusual fabrics and textures; color wheel combinations; collage and landscapes; and LOTS more!

what if art group, quilters

Our Art Quilts have been displayed at the Ennis Visitor Center, Art on the Square in Waxahachie, Ben Franklin Apothecary in Duncanville, and the CQGEC Quilt Show at Sokol Hall.

There are 13 of us right now, and we always welcome newcomers!  If you want to play along with us, please contact us at for more details and to join the fun! Or check out our Facebook page for more information on the guild itself.

What If we tried… Hmmm what will it be next?!